This is our Home! This is America!

Are you looking for a new inspirational patriotic song for your Fourth of July event or any other of our country’s various events celebrating the wonderful gift of living in America?

Blessing Patriotic Music

This is our Home! This is America!
(Inspirational Patriotic Song)

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Lyrics: Meredith Arneson/Lois P. Parker
Music arrangement: Greg Moody
copyright 2001

This is our Home; This is America!
Land of high hopes; builder of dreams
This is the place where many people come
To live their lives where freedom rings

This is our Home; This is America!
Knowing God’s grace in every way
This is our home; for all it’s given us
We celebrate every new day!

Verse 1
Some say that life in the mountains
Perfectly matches their needs
Some love the feel and the sounds of the coastline
With all of its rolling seas

Verse 2
Some people farm in the midlands
Filling tall granaries
Then there are folks who love life in the city
With all its diversity

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Churches and schools abound here
Stores and huge factories
We may embrace any faith that we choose
Our voices are free to speak

Verse 4
Because we’re a land of great privilege
Let this be our fervent prayer
For people all over the world to be blessed
With the destiny that we all share

Repeat Chorus

Final Tag
May God grant to all
Throughout all the world
The freedoms we know... Here in AMERICA!

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