The Birth of Christ the King

Manger Lyrics and Melody:  Meredith Arneson
Copyright:  2000
Christmas Collage

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Verse 1
Windows clad with tiny flakes of ice and shimmering snow
Distant bells ring carols sweet, the ones that we all know 
Evening glows with firelight from cozy homes inside
There's a wonderful magic in the air … the wonder of Christmastide

Verse 2
It's Christmas Eve and folks are seen still busying to and fro
Baking sweets and wrapping gifts topped off with lovely bows
Littlest ones are busily trying to count imagined sheep
For they've been told that Santa comes when they are fast asleep

Christmas is snowflakes, Christmas is sweets, Christmas is fires aglow
Christmas is Santa, carols we sing, laughter and gifts to show
So let us enjoy the wonderful times and all the festivities 
But never lose sight of what all of it means
It's the birth of Christ the King

Verse 3
Many, many years ago in a humble manger stall
A virgin bore God's Only Son who came to save us all
The Son of Man was born that day in a meek and lowly way
Cradled between an ox and ass; in a bed of straw and hay

Verse 4
But lowly turned to mighty as the Child became a man
Inviting friends to follow Him; He shared God's Words with them
They traveled over land and sea; God's wisdoms to impart
And promised those who trusted Him would have a brand new heart

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
Christmas morn is only now a few short hours away
Soon it will be time to wake and begin to celebrate
The birthday of the Savior, the birthday of Heaven's King
A day that's full of love and joy the Savior came to bring

Verse 6
So as our happy times do flow and gifts we do exchange
Let's honor most the greatest gift for which our Savior came
A brand new life and lasting love with freedom from our sins
And life for all eternity for those who trust in Him

Repeat Chorus